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The Importance of Nasal Hygiene

Dr. Michele A Streeter Michele A. Streeter, MD
Board certified Otorhinolaryngologist with a special interest in Allergies & Rhinology
About the author: Dr. Michele A. Streeter is a general otorhinolaryngologist treating many diseases of the head and neck. She pursued an interest in allergies to help treat chronic rhinosinusitis patients who are not completely helped by traditional medical and surgical interventions. She is successfully treating a variety of allergy conditions with sublingual immunotherapy in addition to traditional methods.

Many patients come to me complaining of chronic sinus infections and headaches. The vast majority of them simply have uncontrolled allergy symptoms. I frequently recommend the use of daily nasal irrigations to help patients control their symptoms in addition to medications. Even if a patient does not have allergies, they may have a number of environmental irritants that will cause nasal symptoms. These irritants may be secondhand smoke or chemicals like bleach and ammonia. My practice is in Colorado, so we are constantly battling the dry conditions associated with living in a semiarid desert. Keeping the nose moist and clean is a constant battle. Patients on oxygen or CPAP machines tend to have very dry noses as well. The NeilMed sinus irrigation system is a mainstay of my therapy. When patients want holistic approaches to help their symptoms, what can be more holistic than salt water treatments? The irrigations are also a must for my post-operative sinus patients.


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