The Importance of Nasal Hygiene

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The Importance of Nasal Hygiene Michele A. Streeter, MD Board certified Otorhinolaryngologist with a special interest in Allergies & Rhinology About the author: Dr. Michele A. Streeter is a general otorhinolaryngologist treating many diseases of the head and neck. She pursued an interest in allergies to help treat chronic rhinosinusitis patients who are not completely helped by traditional medical and

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/ September 18, 2013/ Sinus, Sinus Headache/ 16 comments

Sinus Headache M. Lee Williams, M.D. Assoc. Professor Emeritus Johns Hopkins Otolaryngology Author: The Sinusitis Help Book John Wiley and Sons, Inc. A persistent headache is too often blamed on a sinus infection when some other cause is responsible. In many instances, however, an accurate preliminary diagnosis of a sinus headache can be made by very careful questioning of the

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