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Daily, we expose ourselves to a large number of allergens such as dust times, pet dander, bacteria, viruses, mold pollen etc. How do we keep them away and avoid getting infected or sick at times? As a matter of daily hygiene, we brush our teeth, bathe and wash our hands. These allergens are also present in the air we breathe. But many of us don’t perform saline nasal irrigation as a matter of routine. Why discriminate?

The idea of nasal rinsing as a hygiene practice is catching up.

A popular and easy way of performing nasal irrigation is a process called Jala Neti. Jala Neti, a technique that finds mention in ancient Indian texts, is the process of passing an isotonic salt water (saline) solution through the sinuses to free them of all the allergens or unwanted mucous.

Regular viewers of the Oprah Winfrey show may have watched Dr. Oz demonstrating the benefits of using the Neti Pot. Neti Pots are used to perform Jala Neti or nasal irrigation. As the name suggest, it is simply a pot that is used to perform saline nasal irrigation. Benefits of the process are well documented. Yogic practitioners have been using this technique for hundreds of years.

Simple and easy to perform, this technique is now gaining popularity amongst people as well as the medical establishment as a first line defense against symptoms of sinusitis, allergies and cold.

Nasal hygiene, performed in the form of daily sinus rinsing, can be used to prevent the occurrence of the symptoms of sinusitis and nasal allergies on a long term basis. This simple way of flushing out the daily allergens that may lead to sinusitis and other diseases, can also be a viable alternative to prescribed sinusitis medication and treatment. Although sinus rinsing won’t eliminate colds or sinusitis infections, medical research indicates that it will reduce their frequency, duration and intensity of symptoms.

Besides the Neti Pot, there are other ways of easily irrigating your nasal passages. One such method is NeilMed Sinus Rinse. As for the popularity of this product, see what hundreds of our customers have to say on Facebook!

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  15. For me, saline nasal / sinus rinses are essential, both for me personally, and for my patients with allergic rhinitis or chronic sinusitis. Benefit for some of my asthma patients also. Thought you would be interested in seeing how saline rinsing made a huge difference in the life of a chronically ill 3-yr old boy with severe sinusitis, hospitalized for nearly a month. Good sinus CT scan images that document the improvement over just a couple weeks of saline rinses. Amazing: https://bit.ly/9oqhvA

    Also, a 4-part blog post series on the value of saline rinses, how to do them and other useful information, started just this week, same blog site (www.boogordoctor.com). I have been using NeilMed personally and for my patients for years. Thanks! RF

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