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The biggest FLU season in years. Are you ready?

Did you get your flu vaccination this year? You are likely aware that this year’s flu season has been far worse than past years. Forty seven states have been hit with widespread flu so far with California, Missouri, Hawaii, as well as Washington DC being the only exceptions. A look at the Google graph below shows that the flu has reached a far higher intensity compared to the past six flu seasons.

2013 FLU GRAPH OF USAData Source: Google Flu Trends (https://www.google.org/flutrends)

How can you avoid the flu? The CDC recommends that you get a flu vaccination; cover your cough and wash your hands often; and take antiviral drugs if your physician recommends them for you. The flu vaccination has been estimated to be 60% effective for reducing the need to see a doctor. It is recommended that everyone six months and older gets vaccinated, unless you have a severe allergy to eggs or any other component in the vaccine. In this case, speak with your physician about vaccination safety. If you are thinking that the flu is already here and it is too late to get vaccinated, this is not true. You should still get vaccinated because there are plenty of flu viruses circulating. Furthermore, this year’s vaccination offers protection against three different viruses so even if you have already had the flu or a flu-like illness, a vaccination will still offer you protection against other flu viruses that you have not developed antibodies for.

It is also a good idea to flush your nose and sinuses with saline rinse, such as NeilMed Sinus Rinse or NeilMed NasaFlo Neti Pot once a day. This allows unwanted particles to be cleared out of the nasal passages. If you do get the flu, saline rinse can be very helpful for providing relief from nasal congestion, which may also reduce a congestion headache. You can also mix two NeilMed Sinus Rinse Premixed Packets with warm water and gargle in your throat to reduce some ear congestion. Please read the instructions before using as Sinus Rinse is not recommended if your nose and nasal passages are completely blocked.




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My name is Alisha Mehta and I am a graduate student at Tufts University, working on my MS in Nutrition Communications and Didactic Program in Dietetics to become a Registered Dietitian. I grew up in Northern California where the Redwood forests, mountains, and beaches are abundant—of course, all these outdoor opportunities cannot come without allergies. I have been through (and continue to deal with) my fair share of allergy and sinus issues. As a weary sufferer of sinus problems, I became a daily user of Sinus Rinse ever since its development. I am passionate about natural health, food, nutrition, and fitness. Through this blog, I hope to create an ongoing dialogue on sinuses, allergies, and any additional health topics of interest. Please share any and all of your experiences and questions.


  1. I visited this blog first time and it’s really interesting to read the facts that this blog have explained.

  2. I currently live in Las Vegas, and have since 1991. Prior to that time, I did not sfeufr from allergies. Each year here has gotten progressively worse for me and the seasons for allergies are getting closer, meaning the time I’m allergy free is shorter. Most of the problem has been due to the influx of people relocating to Vegas and seemingly bringing non-native plants and such to the area. This is true of many of the heavily populated desert areas. Think about it. People who lived in the Eastern part of the states were advised to move to the desert to alleviate many, if not all, their allergies. Surprise, many folks don’t care for the desert scene, therefore, they, and others, brought many of the plants that reminded them of home with them. And with the ridiculous number of people moving here, well, more and more folks are sfeufring with allergies. Las Vegas rates consistently in the top 20-30 of the 100 worst allergy cities to live in. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find a place that does not have an allergy problem. But it seems, from the worst list, that the northwest is less affected than the southwest, mid west, and eastern part of the states. What I’m learning is that allergies are most life disrupting when our bodies are least balanced. It seems like the chicken and egg concept. Were my bodily defenses down before the allergies or as a result of allergies. Either way, it’s a good idea to try and find a doctor who is willing to explore alternative approaches to allergy defense and physiological balance. It has taken me over 10 years to find such a doctor here in Las Vegas. Most want to treat you with pharm drugs and OTC drugs. Many can function mildly like anti-depressants. Be determined and do some research into what the pharm drugs for allergies can do to your body over time. As well, are there possible underlying circumstances that make your body more susceptible to allergens? It’s a vicious cycle to get in. Been there, done that! Try a couple of websites, if you haven’t already, pollenlibrary.com and pollenalert.com. I inserted worst allergy cities in google. I know this may not do much for you, but a little information can get you started on finding the answers, sometimes. And don’t forget about prayer. It is not God’s intention that we live a lifetime of sfeufring. He tells us in His word that He has provided us sufficiently with all we need. Guess what, we haven’t found it all yet. I am praying for a miracle. God Bless.

  3. I’m disappointed to see you advocating the flu shot and citing CDC. I am an avid user of the NeilMed because I, and assume most of your customers, try to avoid sinus medication and antibiotics. If we’re trying to avoid toxic meds, don’t you think we try to avoid heavy metals that are inherent in the flu vaccine too? Even the CDC had to admit the flu shot was ineffective.

  4. The Neti Pot has been my friend for the last 6 years,I use to get sinus infections once a month ,now maybe once a year..It has been a great relief..

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