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Use Saline Gel to Prevent Nosebleeds

December is around the corner and winter is in full swing. Though December brings many holidays and celebrations, we can’t ignore the fact that the cold weather and dry air bring with them many accompanying sinus problems. Nosebleeds are a common problem that can arise in the winter months.

Nosebleeds are often the result of irritation to the delicate lining of the nose. The dryness of the cold air and frequent use of the heater cause dryness inside the nose. In addition, the increase in viruses and increase in frequent rubbing, blowing, and picking of the nose cause crusts to form, which can lead to nosebleeds.

To prevent frequent nosebleeds, especially during the cold and dry winter, you should lubricate the lining of the nose with a saline gel and use a humidifier or vaporizer to help keep your nose from drying out. This winter, use NeilMed NasoGel Spray, NasoGel Tube, or NasaDrops to provide long lasting moisture for dry nasal passages. Visit www.neilmed.com to purchase online or to find a list of available stores.


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