Epistaxis or Nosebleed

/ April 2, 2014/ Nosebleed/ 6 comments

Epistaxis or Nosebleed Ryan S. Jackson, MD Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery PGY-5 Epistaxis, commonly called a nosebleed, is a common complaint of many people. Nosebleeds are typically minor and rarely become life threatening. Despite rarely being life threatening, epistaxis can create significant concern among patients. Patients should seek immediate medical attention if the bleeding is severe or if

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Principles of Nasal Irrigation

/ April 23, 2010/ Nasal Irrigation/ 11 comments

While some amount of mucus production from the nasal and sinus lining is normal, allergies and sinus infections can cause excessive mucus production. This excessive mucus production causes nasal and sinus symptoms such as a runny and stuffy nose or post nasal drip. The key to symptom relief is to physically wash away this excess mucus and allergens such as

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