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Dr.Lynda Visher Lynda Visher-West, D.O.
Otolaryngologist-Head & Neck Surgeon
About the author: Board Certified Otolaryngologist-Head & Neck Surgeon with over 20 years practice in Dallas Texas.
Graduated from DePauw University in 1980 and then received a Master of Science Degree in Nutritional Science from Columbia University in 1982. Did medical school and residency training through Oklahoma State University-College of Osteopathic Medicine and finished in 1993. Moved to Dallas after residency training and have been practicing in Dallas.

I am a surgeon; a sinus surgeon. Sinus surgery is an elective procedure. People can treat their sinus problems without surgery. Some people might need surgery, but most people can avoid surgery and prevent sinus and nose problems. A very effective prevention for sinus, allergies, and nasal symptoms is nasal saline rinse.

 At the first symptom from an allergen or irritant, nasal saline can be used to wash out the nose and sinuses. Allergens are dust and pollen, trees, and grasses. Examples of irritants are pollution, cigarette smoke, perfumes, and gasses. Breathing in these substances causes the lining of the nose to swell and become inflamed. This leads to sneezing, itching, runny nose, breathing problems, coughing, and even ear pain. The nose can be chronically inflamed blocking the sinus passages. Blocked sinuses can lead to pain and pressure in the face and head, and infection. Saline nasal rinse with NeilMed can prevent chronic inflammation and swelling and blocked sinuses. Also, saline can be used to wash out sinuses that are already blocked. This takes longer, but it can still be effective.

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NeilMed saline rinse can be used in a bottle or a neti pot. The saline in the neti pot is poured into one nostril and the saline comes out the other nostril. This is very effective for washing out allergens and irritants in the nose. A bottle can also be used. The saline in the bottle can be released with more force which may help to dislodge thick mucus as well as the allergens and irritants. Flushing is done for each nostril and then comes out the opposite nostril. This cleans debris within the nasal passages.

Some people find the neti pot and the bottle saline rinse annoying because of the feeling of water in the nose. However, the financial benefits especially if it prevents infection or sinus surgery outweigh the inconvenience.


Lynda Visher-West, D.O.
Otolaryngologist-Head & Neck Surgeon


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  1. i really appreciate neilmed website it helped me very well in my problem

  2. I have been using Neil med irragation on a daily basis for several years. As of the last four months after contracting an upper respitore infection on an airplane, I have been experiencing post nasal drip which intern is causing me to cough. I stopped using the nasal wash a couple months back and don’t see any real difference in my sinuses or post nasal drip. Do you think I may have become immune to the rinse and do you have any other suggestions for getting rid of the postnasal drip? Thanks for your information……..Joe Giunta, Webster, Ny 14580

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