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NeilMed products and use in a private pediatric office

Dr Christopher Abel Christopher S. Abel, M.D.
Board Certified in Pediatrics
Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine
About the author: Dr. Abel has been in practice since 1998. His undergraduate training was done at SMU. He then attended medical school at The University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas. His pediatric training was done at Children’s Medical Center of Dallas. After his training, he took over the practices of two legends in Dallas pediatrics – Dr. Frank Payne and Dr. Joe Roach. Outside of the office, Dr. Abel has held many leadership positions in the local community. In 2009 he served as the President of the Medical Staff at Children’s Medical Center. https://www.dallaspediatricsatcc.com

I have been in active private practice in pediatrics in Dallas, TX since 1998. Seeing numerous children each day with a large number being due to nasal symptoms, I feel very confident in recommending NeilMed products to my patients. The first product I became familiar with was their NeilMed Neti Pot. The first time I was shown one of these apparatuses by an allergist, I thought that no one would ever use that, but after seeing what an improvement in made in patient’s symptoms, I was sold.

This product is especially beneficial for patients who have already tried an array of prescription medications to use as an adjunct, as well as for patients who are looking for a more natural solution to their allergies, hoping to avoid the side effects of other medications. The other, closely related product that I have recently started recommending even more is the NasaMist PediaMist. Saline drops have been a mainstay of treating upper respiratory infections and bronchitis in infants for years.

The benefit of the PediaMist is in its delivery system. Ordinary drops are often traumatic when filling up an infant’s nose, but the mist delivery system is much more gentle on them making an often times unpleasant situation, much less traumatic on both the babies as well as the parents. With their ever increasing number of products and effectiveness, I continue to recommend NeilMed products to my patients on a daily basis.


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About NeilMed

Neilmed Pharmaceuticals Inc. is the maker of original and patented SINUS RINSE ™ kit and #1 recommended and studied nasal irrigation system in the world with distribution mainly in the US and Canada. SINUS RINSE provides natural relief from sinusitis symptoms, allergies, common cold or flu, and other chronic sinus and nasal problems and obviates the need for surgeries and prescription medications in more than 50 % cases. Neilmed’s other products include SinuFlo Ready Rinse, NasaFlo Neti Pot, NasaMist Saline Spray, NasoGel Moisturizer for Dry Noses, NasaDrops Saline, NasaDock Plus Drying Stand. Neilmed’s products are also available in, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, United Kingdom, Ireland and Europe.

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