The History of the Neti Pot

/ June 28, 2011/ Default, General, Nasal hygiene, Nasal Irrigation, NeilMed Products/ 8 comments

The History of the Neti Pot Have you ever looked at a neti pot and wondered, “What is this strangely shaped tea pot for and who came up with it?” The neti pot is the oldest form of nasal irrigation and was developed as an ayurvedic yoga tradition in ancient India. The word “neti” means “nasal cleansing” and comes from

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Customer testimonials of the week

/ July 5, 2010/ Testimonials/ 2 comments

At NeilMed Pharmaceuticals, we receive innumerable testimonials from our customers on a daily basis. We would like to thank all our happy customers for their generous praise for our products! Through this blog, we would like to share some of the best testimonials we receive on a weekly basis. Here are some testimonials we recently received. “I was surprised on

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NeilMed offers on Facebook

/ May 28, 2010/ Promotions/ 6 comments

NeilMed would like to thank all our fans on Facebook for the overwhelming support. We have reached a new milestone on Facebook in our attempts to get closer to our customers to serve them better. Thank you Fans! For those who missed out, please become our fan on Facebook and take advantage of the currently running offers. The offers are

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Promotions on Facebook by NeilMed Pharmaceuticals

/ May 5, 2010/ Promotions/ 8 comments

Dear Valued Customers, Recently, we have been receiving a large number of queries about our Facebook promotions. Here is a snapshot of our presently running Facebook promotions. You can receive a free NeilMed Sinus Rinse Bottle Kit, i.e. NeilMed Sinus Rinse squeeze bottle with two mixtures packets of NeilMed’s patented formula, by becoming a Fan of NeilMed Sinus Rinse on

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How to use a NeilMed NasaFlo Neti Pot (For hay fever, sinusitis, and nasal allergies)

/ May 1, 2010/ Allergy/ 29 comments

During allergy season, Neti Pots are talk of the town. These small pots with a handle on one side and spout on the other are usually made from plastic, clay, metal, glass or ceramic. Neti pots are used to perform saline nasal irrigation, a process best recommended for treating symptoms of sinusitis, hay fever, nasal allergies, cold and flu. NeilMed’s

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