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Pediatric Sinus Rinse Review

Qadara Moore Qadara Moore, PA-C
About the author: Qadara Moore, PA-C and is a physician assistant practicing with ProHealth Physicians Express Care in Manchester, CT. She have been practicing as a PA for 10 years with a background in family practice, hospitalist medicine, and pediatrics. She currently practice in an urgent care setting with patients ranging from age 4 and up, where she see a large amount of pediatric patients.

Upper respiratory infections (URIs) and rhinosinusitis are common presenting conditions in the pediatric population and 5-10 percent of children with a URI develop acute rhinosinusitis. Children with acute rhinosinusitis often have cough, purulent nasal discharge, nasal airway obstruction, post nasal drip, facial pain or headache, fever, and irritability. Additionally, children can develop problems with sleep, which can in turn affect school performance, and can result in missed school days. Allergy and sinus disease is a major interest for me, as I personally was a child who suffered from severe allergic rhinitis and frequent sinus infections. I absolutely love Pediatric Sinus Rinse!! It does a great job of “draining the swamp”, by way of large volume saline irrigation, additionally nasal swelling is improved, thereby significantly helping to reduce symptoms. One point that parents often point out is that their children tend to sleep better with using this product. Nasal saline sprays are helpful with reducing nasal mucosal swelling, but as there is minimal volume they do nothing for removing copious amounts of nasal discharge or flushing the sinuses. In clinical practice, my pediatric patients that have used sinus rinse have experienced varying degrees of symptomatic relief. As such, in addition to prescribing nasal steroids, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs), and antibiotics when indicated, pediatric Sinus Rinse is one product that I regularly recommend to my pediatric patients to improve their symptoms.

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