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Pediatric Chronic Rhinitis (“The child with the constant runny nose”)

Karen Bellapianta, MD
Board certified otorhinolaryngologist with special interest in Pediatrics
Associates of Otolaryngology
Greenwich, CT


As an ENT with a large pediatric practice and a mother of four, this is a condition that I see all the time. Chronic rhinitis is caused by inflammatory tissue in the nose resulting in nasal discharge, congestion and often sneezing. In the pediatric population, this is typically caused by allergy, infection , irritants or large adenoid tissue in the back of the nose, the nasopharynx. Thick mucus in the nose slows down the ciliary hair cells in the nose and sinus cavities that play an important host-defense role and help to clear these allergens, infections and irritants. Using the NeilMed irrigation system is an extremely effective way to clear this thick mucus, thus allowing the child to breathe better and these hair cells to do their job. Most parents’ initial reaction is that their child won’t tolerate saline irrigation up their nose. My personal and professional experience is that when done properly, the child experiences a vast improvement in their ability to breath and learns to love it. My children often ask for the “nosey wash” when they get congested. Other medical therapy such as antibiotics or allergy medicines may be necessary depending on the cause of the rhinitis, however NeilMed irrigation is a safe, easy tool to help prevent infection and break the cycle of the “constant runny nose”.

5 year old doing the nasal irrigation
6 year old doing the nasal irrigation

Video of 6 year old doing the nasal irrigation:


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  1. Hi have this problem all week i had being using the saline solution by plastic bottle 2 to 3 times a day but 2 mornings in a row i was gettin alot of pains an aches in the throat after gettin up what’s the cause of this problem i think its something to do with the rinsihin out i now use it once every day to see for a change i have being usin Sinutab tablets for some effect it has but that’s only a temporary i had now had to buy some lemsip its a slow process but will take a few days id say to kick in for my revovery what should i use more of

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